2016 FT to BPL’s Rare Book Room

Going through some old pictures and found these from last year’s trip to BPL’s Rare Book Room. This was a trip that I had always wanted to do and last year everything came together and I pulled it off. As usual (with me), the deciding factor was logistical: school had purchased two mini-buses and I had fewer than 15 in the class, so we could use the mini-bus and take the T in from there.

I lucked out too because, in my correspondence with BPL, they connected me with Lisa Fagin Davis, a Medievalist and Paleographer, who showed us some cool stuff and knew her stuff from a Medieval standpoint; the BPL person would have been, I suspect, a bit like a docent at a museum: perfectly knowledgeable but lacking subject-specific expertise.

In any case, here are some pictures I took from the day (with one of them in a Tweet from Lisa).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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