Dead Euphorbus Vase

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Arch Comic

One of my students submitted this comic as a little ‘Easter Egg’ at the end of an architecture project, and I couldn’t help but chuckle, both at its inclusion and at the comic itself.

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Trip to the Harvard Art Museum

Today we set off for the Harvard Art Museum for our annual Research-Project-Kick-Off. Great trip as usual. Must admit that I prefer HAM to the MFA. MFA is certainly more extensive in its collection, but it’s harder to deal with and much more crowded. We arrived at HAM right at 10 and were in the gallery by 10.07. No Instagram Scavenger Hunt this year; didn’t need to because of my numbers, but I didn’t talk for too long. Did an overview of sculpture and vases and talked about a few individual pieces but otherwise left the students on their own to wander and explore. Here are a few pics.

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