Harrowing of Hell

from the Harvard Art Museum



2016 FT to BPL’s Rare Book Room

Going through some old pictures and found these from last year’s trip to BPL’s Rare Book Room. This was a trip that I had always wanted to do and last year everything came together and I pulled it off. As usual (with me), the deciding factor was logistical: school had purchased two mini-buses and I had fewer than 15 in the class, so we could use the mini-bus and take the T in from there.

I lucked out too because, in my correspondence with BPL, they connected me with Lisa Fagin Davis, a Medievalist and Paleographer, who showed us some cool stuff and knew her stuff from a Medieval standpoint; the BPL person would have been, I suspect, a bit like a docent at a museum: perfectly knowledgeable but lacking subject-specific expertise.

In any case, here are some pictures I took from the day (with one of them in a Tweet from Lisa).

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