Lesley University Motto – Uh Oh

I was researching mottoes that use the pluperfect subjunctive and came across Lesley University’s: perissem ni perstitissem. I checked the Wikipedia page for an image and there was none but they did have a translation: ‘I had perished had I not persisted’. Ok. Not quite right. So I edited it to reflect the conditional (which also happens to make more sense): ‘I would have perished had I not persisted’. So then I hit Google to try to find an image. And came across this:


Now, it’s one thing for a motto to be incorrect on a Wikipedia page or even a relatively easily editable source (web page, document, etc.). But to paint it on the wall of the fitness center? Oof. That seems like a lot. I’m not wrong here, am I? I tend to be pretty flexible in terms of what I allow and assuming that a mistake wasn’t made (even when I’m pretty sure it was), but this seems pretty unavoidable.