Great Review of Latin Grammar Quick Reference in CO

Just received the latest issue of the ACL’s Classical Outlook and not only was a review of my A Latin Grammar Quick Reference in the Clearinghouse section but it was also very positive (thanks, SK). I’ve included a .jpg below and you can download a .pdf here.

LGQR CO Review

I would add too that it can (and perhaps can best) be used with the Mac’s iBooks app as well. We are a 1:1 school with MacBook Airs and so my students primarily use the book on their laptops. And the real advantage is indeed the navigable table of contents. The ability to quickly access those forms in a consistent and focused way (as opposed to the clutter of Google search results) has been hugely helpful to my students, more so even than I envisioned when I wrote it; seeing it in action has made it a more indispensable part of my class than I expected.


Thanksgiving Turkey Verb Review

Was looking for a way to review verb forms for a quiz before Thanksgiving break, so did this little twist on the stained glass window. I Googled a turkey coloring page, came up with a color scheme, and wrote in the appropriate verb forms. (And I keyed the color scheme to the frequency of tenses, e.g. the future perfect passive was the ground, with only one instance of the color.) Gave students the color key and we had a lovely little turkey display.